“I would like to personally thank the team over at Fast Forward Unlimited, who worked very hard and dedicated a lot of time to make our website what it is today. We spent a lot of hours putting together this website and it was a very enjoyable experience. I would highly recommend this team to anyone and everyone. THANK YOU FAST FORWARD UNLIMITED for all of your hard work!”

Lyndsay Wright

Lantek Corporation

“Working with the Fast Forward Unlimited team is an absolute pleasure! The atmosphere at the studio is always positive and professional— it is the ultimate “Can Do” experience. The type of photography I require is very detail oriented and begs not just a creative eye, but a fast, solution-oriented attitude as well. From conception to completion the projects they deliver are top notch! Plus, as if it couldn’t get any better, the feel-good vibe that surrounds this authentic group is something I absolutely thrive on. I highly recommend using Dan Muro and his team at Fast Forward Unlimited for high-end commercial photography and video production. “

Heidi Lubrani

Vigo Industries

“I have worked with Fast Forward Unlimited for the last 15 years. I LOVE these guys! They built my website for me originally, and I have consistently gotten rave reviews from people viewing my website, including other people that I know who create websites. They listened to me and got my intent immediately. Due to their wonderful design, I received quite a few large projects from people who found me directly off the web. When I asked those clients how they found me, invariably the response is that they really liked my website over other interior designers’, and that my site was clear, concise, and easy to use. Dan and Kevin and other staff members have been nothing but wonderful, courteous, creative, and responsive. They also do a lot of other work for me in my other marketing efforts, all of which has been superb. I have recommended them to quite a few friends, all of whom speak highly of them.”

Charlene Keogh

Keogh Designs Inc

“Fast Forward Unlimited is a great web developing company. We have worked with them for several years. The website they developed for us is our primary source for new clientele. They do incredible work at a great price. The staff is friendly and they go above and beyond your expectations. Our firm has gotten numerous compliments and we are incredibly happy with their services. They help us stay current by staying up to date with new trends and social media.”

Vanessa Deleon

Vanessa Deleon Associates

“I have been working with Fast Forward Unlimited for the past 7 years. This creative team provides cutting edge web design, photography, and illustration work. Every job I have worked with them on has been handled promptly and professionally. Their work always surpasses my expectations. I would recommmend this company to anyone seeking creative marketing and web design assistance.”

Patty Gardner


“These guys have saved me! I own an Interior Design business, and although I consider myself to be a creative individual, I am not savvy when it comes to technology! They have optimized my website, designed my website, handled all of my social media, and taken all of my professional photographs! It’s one-stop shopping at it’s best. I can’t say enough good things about their professionalism, experience and overall friendliness. I love these guys!! I have recommended them to several of my colleagues and friends, and they are now working together as well. They give me options and always listen to my ideas.”

Allison Jenkins

A. Rejeanne Interiors

“Fast Forward Unlimited, Woodland Park, NJ – I’ve worked with this team before, and have a comfort level with them. Coming out of a sales background, these guys helped me to understand web and what’s involved to the point where I could execute, and establish a better platform for the organization. They are the expert I need to be successful. Fast Forward will become partners and help us by coming to the table with solutions. If and when I need something done – a quick change or graphic, they’ll just do it. This is evidenced by their commitment to insuring our business cards aren’t wasted. They are self-contained in that they have a web designers, artists, professional photographer and videographer on staff.”