How to pick products that will give you the best chance of succeeding is the topic covered in this week’s episode of eCommerce Uncensored.

The guys start off by having a little intervention with Jason about him constantly arguing with everybody.

Jason then takes some time to talk about Klaviyo a little bit and Kevin mentions how he wants to get into the platform more.

The conversation then moves on to our main topic, which was a question asked by one of our listeners.

The question pertained to picking a product to sell on your online store that is least likely to flop.

Jason reminds people that any product has the potential to flop under poor management but choosing the right market can increase your chances of succeeding.

Kevin mentions how some of the best products solve problems that people have that they did not necessarily realize need solving.

Also Jason expands on how it is better to pick existing markets and products and try to improve on them rather than trying to invent a completely new product.

Choosing a product is important, but a good product does not mean it will automatically sell.

Your marketing efforts and branding play a significant role in determining success.

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