Leveraging your resources is the topic covered in this week’s episode of eCommerce Uncensored.

The guys first take some time to talk about Klaviyo and all the new cool stuff they’re coming out with, especially the predictive behavior.

The guys then get into the main topic of using the resources around them to make their lives easier and allowing them to focus more on the actual business.

The guys mention that there are many platforms our there like Upwork and Fiverr that can allow you to outsource smaller tasks that may take up your time but can be done a lot quicker and easier with experts.

Bringing on new employees really allowed us to take on more projects and additionally allows us to share our knowledge with the next generation.

Before, we were so overloaded with work that it was actually killing our productivity.

Bringing on new people and outsourcing has allowed us to push projects out the door and focus on the more big-picture strategies for our business.
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