Influencers are discussed on this week’s episode of eCommerce Uncensored.

The topic was brought up by one of our new hires, Brianna, who has her own eCommerce store on the side.

Brianna had some questions regarding when to use influencers and how to chose which influencers would be best for your business.

Before they got into the main topic, the guys took some time to discuss Klaviyo.

Jason mentions some of the predictive behavior features that are implemented on the new site and how it has really helped him and our clients.

Getting into the actual topic, Jason mentions how many influencers have so much content and different other products that they influence that you product can be drowned out.

Micro-influencers may not have as much followers, but their engagement is a lot higher than the more high-profile celebrities.

Paul mentions statistics that show that micro-influencers are a more effective way to market your product.

It is also smart to find influencers that match your particular niche and have some sort of connection with your product. People will be more willing to trust their word if the product matches their image.

Jason also mentions that the knowing the amount to spend on influencers can be tricky.

It is first necessary to understand what your cost of customer acquisition is and then also how much that customer is worth to you over a lifetime.

Once you have an understanding of those numbers, then you can decide how much to spend on acquiring those customers through influencers.

Kevin mentions it is also key to make sure you have the right processes in place to collect the data of the visitors and customers that you receive from those influencers in order to be able to retarget them for the future and also to get an understanding of how your consumer base looks.

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