Email Marketing strategies are discussed on this week’s episode of eCommerce Uncensored.

We received another question in our eCommerce Uncensored Facebook Group and decided to expand on the the topic during this episode.

The question asked was about when to and when not to send emails and also about how the content of the email should look.

Jason expands on the topic by bringing up some experiences we are having with one of our clients and the emails we are sending out for their campaign.

It is important to understand that not all emails should necessarily have an obvious offer. This does not mean that you aren’t still trying to sell to them.

Many times, if you send a more authentic email that does not necessarily push an offer in the consumer’s face, they will have an easier time connecting with you and would be more prone to opening future emails.

Jason also mentions how Klaviyo can really help build meaningful campaigns that really allow you to build relationships with you target market.

Sequences can also help get the consumer involved and forces them to use or consume the product. This can teach them how to use the product as well as gives you opportunities to propose other offers.

Kevin discusses subject lines and how they must peak the interest of the viewer. It is not always smart to put the offer in the subject line unless the offer is extremely good.

The key is try to have more of a story-telling mindset as compared to just giving offers which allows you to email more often.

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