Facebook Ads is the main topic covered in today’s episode of eCommerce Uncensored.

Jason starts off by giving some background on the changes we are going through as an agency especially regarding growth.

The reason we decided to chose this topic for our episode is because we have been getting questions recently in our Facebook Group and we wanted to expand more on the concepts and strategies we use and have had success with in the past.

Jason and Kevin mentioned that it is important to have your pixel installed in order to maximize the amount of data you collect from your campaigns.

With Facebook compared to Google, if your ad is not getting any attention within the first 48 hours, it will probably not work.

it is also a good strategy with engagement ads to do various versions to get feedback which variations work and which demographics respond in a positive way.

The conversation then moves to conversion ads and the different strategies were successful for us in the past.

Jason also looks back at how the Facebook algorithm has improved over the years and how it has helped build successful ads.

The podcast ends with the guys discussing some of the topics we will dive deeper into on the upcoming episodes.

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