Staying true to your vision and your messaging is the topic covered in today’s podcast with Kevin, Jason, and Paul.

The guys start out by discussing the previous Episode 100 and the podcast in general. It has been a long journey and we even almost quit at times but we stuck with it and could not be happier with the outcome for now. It is important to keep faith in what you are doing, regardless of its a podcast or your business.

The conversation moves to our own business, and how we are constantly growing and learning as well. We have been getting some big clients and that comes with some changes to the way we have to do business. As we are growing, we are more than happy to share some of the challenges we face and our solutions for them.

Kevin also mention’s the amazing Klaviyo Docu-Series, by Alicia Thompson, which we highly recommend and has some great material for eCommerce business owners.

Jason discusses a recent client that we have taken on and the learning experience that came with some of the assignments we’ve been tasked with completing for them. One accomplishment that we particularly enjoyed was building a specific and effective message for this brand that really connected with their target audience.

Another great idea brought up is having a vision board to keep you motivated and keeping your goals in sight.

In conclusion, it is important to constantly learn and adapt in your business. Staying true to your message and vision is key to having the right goals.

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