Using your message to build customer relationships is the topic covered in Episode 98 with Kevin, Jason, and Paul.

Measuring your Return on Investment with multiple sales channels is the topic discussed on Episode 99 with Kevin, Jason, and Paul.

The guys start off by discussing the upcoming 100th Episode of eCommerce Uncensored, so exciting! We interviewed one of our listeners, Josh Avila, who has had recent success with his online business by using techniques discussed in our podcast as well as utilizing the Klaviyo platform.

The conversation then moves to Klaviyo itself and some of the news surrounding the events happening there. Kevin mentions and highly recommends the docu-series by Alicia Thomas. Also mentioned is the Klaivyo Boston Conference 2019 happening in September 2019, which the team attended last year and are planning to attend again. The tickets are heavily discounted now but will continue to increase in price so make sure to get them while the price is lower here!

Jason starts to discuss how it can be difficult to determine exactly where your customers are coming from and which platforms are working efficiently in generating customers. Many times, multiple platforms are involved in facilitating a purchase, but only one may get credit. It is key to look more deeply into a particular purchase to see the path a consumer took to reach the purchasing decision.

It can be difficult to determine exactly what the ROI is on a particular platform especially with multiple platforms involved. That is why it is better not to look at ROI as necessarily from one specific platform, but a process using a combination of multiple channels.

Jason also brings up the point of not always focusing so much on the details of a design. Paul disagrees, as a designer, and says that it depends on what you are trying to achieve. Different objectives may have an effect on how much of a focus should be on the design of an offer. Some products may need to have better designed offers in order to draw customers while informational pages may not need as much attention to detail.

In conclusion, it is important to understand that a consumer may not have made a purchase decision solely because of one particular channel. Exposure from a combination of channels may contribute to the purchasing process. It is also key to make sure that the appropriate amount of design is implemented to achieve the desire effect of a campaign.

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