Aligning your expectations from paid advertising is a major topic covered by Jason, Kevin, and Paul on this episode. The guys start to discuss the advertising and data analysis strategies regarding Facebook Advertising. Jason mentions how it can be confusing to track certain data via Facebook and how Klaviyo solves these issues through simplifying data analysis. Kevin and Jason also mention the advantages of joining our Facebook Group.

The topic moves to how it can be difficult, as a marketing agency, to explain to your clients the work that you are doing. There are a lot of processes that are put into effect and it can be challenging to translate that work verbally without just showing results. It is important to have reasonable expectations from your paid advertising and to understand that the results may not necessarily be immediate.

Jason brings up an interesting concept of not always limiting yourself to one product and to try to sell products that compliment each other. The initial sale may not be profitable, but the returning purchases of associated products can be the biggest money-makers. It is key to find a way to initially hook the customer, gain their trust, and then try to make the relationship profitable.

It is also important to have patience when trying to gain customers. The advertisement set in place may not have the customer purchase immediately, but over time, the advertisements can prove to be effective. It is not always smart to look at marketing through simply a ROI perspective. Advertising should be looked at as more of a long-term investment as opposed to an instant return.

Jason mentions a good point that marketing expectations should also vary depending on the industry. A lot of markets are flooded with information and marketing material that can challenge the effectiveness of your strategies. Evaluate your market in order to utilize the right approaches to your advertisement.

In conclusion, it is important to manage your expectations in regards to your marketing strategies. As cliche as it sounds, patience is key in order to gain full effectiveness from your advertisement. It is also important to understand that not all markets respond the same to marketing material and it can be necessary to find strategies that allow for the best relationship building with your target market.

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