Jake Cohen, Director of Product at Klaviyo, joins Kevin and Jason on today’s installment of the Klaviyo Boston Series. The guys discuss Jake’s presentation that was previously attended and the insight that was gained.

The topic moves towards form targeting and some of the upcoming features that will be available on Klaviyo. Jason brings up the behavioral-based features and control that Klaviyo allows the users to have over their business. Jake goes into his background and how he got into the industry. Jason mentions how Klaviyo simplifies many sophisticated tools and allows them to be accessible and usable by small business owners. Jason is blown away by the amazing corporate culture at Klaviyo.

Jake gives a glimpse of the thinking process at Klaviyo and how they go about developing new features for their program and also the direction that Klaviyo hopes to go in the near future. Additionally, Jake mentions some of his visions for the long-term development of the program.

Jason and Kevin discuss with Jake how Klaviyo simplifies sophisticated processes in order to make the user take full advantage of the data that is available to them. Jake expands on how Klaivyo is able to do that and the behind-the-scenes work that is involved in creating these processes.

Jake stresses how important it is to build relationships with their clients and the customized features that are being developed in order to improve the personal experience each user encounters.

Jason brings up the issue of converting the desktop features to be compatible with mobile and Jake explains some of the actions Klaivyo is taking in order the ensure that the users will be able to take full advantage of these scenarios.

Jake mentions many of the improvements that are happening to the platform are not only customer facing, but also under the hood that allows the program to run at a higher level of efficiency.

In conclusion, there are a lot of amazing things that are happening in Klaviyo and even more to come. The dedication this company has for their users is unmatched in the industry and their desire to continue to improve the experience their users face is outstanding. The future looks extremely bright for Klaviyo and its users.

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