On this episode, Kevin, Jason, and Paul discuss different email marketing strategies and frequency techniques. They talk about how to determine when to send emails and at what consistency in order to be the most effective.

Kevin starts off by mentioning how important patience is in not only their podcast but in business in general. It is key to continue to constantly release content and material regardless of viewership.

Jason brings up the struggle of communicating with your audience and mentions some of the benefits of our Facebook group. Jason then transitions into the topic of email consistency and frequency. Jason mentions how he will provide an exclusive video on our Facebook group allowing insight on how he utilizes Klaviyo and the email marketing strategies he personally uses within the program.

Kevin is surprised at the low frequency of emails many business utilize and mentions the benefits that Klaviyo has regarding utilization of behavioral statistics to form effective email strategies.

Jason urges to pay attention to your open-rate on email campaigns and how to maximize the viewership of your emails by implementing different time specific strategies. Do not focus your energy or time on people that clearly show no interest in your information. Instead, try to build a better communication with those who have already formed a relationship with you or your business. Jason also stresses the importance of investing in and growing your email list with leads that are actually interested in your product.

Paul gives examples from companies that he is interested in and some of the strategies they have used in order to facilitate his purchase process as well as motivate him to continue to give his business to the brands. He mentions the importance of timing when viewing marketing material and how to overcome some issues regarding mistiming of email marketing material. Every consumer has different schedules and various availabilities when it comes to being receptive to marketing material. That is why consistency and frequency is important. Focus on pinpointing an ideal time to reach a specific, potential customer.

It is important to capitalize on people who have already purchased a product because it shows that they are already prone to spending money on your business. Target these clients and make sure to follow up with different email strategies in order to continue this behavior.

Kevin mentions how business owners are afraid to bother people by increasing their email frequency. Instead, one should look at it as relationship building and an important way to communicate with your target market. Understand that all people are different and have varying purchase decision processes so it is key to experiment with different strategies.

In conclusion, do not worry about bothering your potential customers. Frequency and consistency are extremely important regarding email marketing and it is wise to experiment with different strategies and time slots in order to optimize your contents effectiveness.

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