Episode 50 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q & A session. Paul gets Kevin and Jason’s take on some questions related to eCommerce.

Question #1: What is a “recap email” and what makes it effective?

Answer: As a sale or offer you are running comes to an end, it is important to send emails to “recap” the offer and remind customers that time is running out. People are usually afraid to miss out on something, so these emails create a sense of scarcity and urgency that can increase sales. Include a countdown timer and then end the sale when you said you would. Another point to consider is so many of your potential customers either didn’t see or open your email, so sending a final email to everyone on your list can be an extra push to increase open rates and sales.

Question #2: What is gated content and how can it be integrated into an ecommerce store?

Answer: Gated content, also considered content upgrades, refers to a visitor on your site being required to give you something, like their email address, in return for something from you, like an offer code or content. For example, a current client is running a promotion where you need to provide your email in order to receive an Amazon coupon code for the product.

Question #3: What is a two step opt-in and how is it valuable to obtaining email addresses?

Answer: Two step opt-in/double opt-in refers to when a customer provides their email and then needs to confirm it via a link that is sent to them. Some people see it as a way to strengthen or clean up your list, but it can actually work against you because often times things can go wrong.

Some obstacles that may come up are spam filters intercepting the confirmation email or the person gets busy and forgets to confirm. It really depends on your niche or product, so while it can help the health of your list, it is definitely not something you want to utilize if your goal is to reach as many people as possible with your email.

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