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Episode 48 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q & A session focused on email marketing.

Question #1: Why are my emails ending up in the spam folder and how can I resolve this?

Answer: Keep in mind these things when writing your emails…

  • Watch the wording in the body of your email. If the words are vague, salesy, or spammy-your email will get flagged.
  • Watch the wording of your subject line-wording like “Buy Now” will definitely raise a flag. It is the ISP’s job to deliver emails that are useful to you, so a sales centered email will get picked up in order to protect its user.
  • Watch your visual presentation. Too many exclamation points, caps, spaces or asterisks’ will get flagged.
  • Don’t send from a free domain (like gmail). Send your emails from a domain you own (@ecommerceuncensored.com).

Question #2: What kind of data is used for the segmentation of a email list?

Answer: Segmenting your email list to target an accurate and specific audience is very important. Using data like gender, age, location and whether they’ve clicked on links in your email can be very helpful.

The best thing to do is to segment your list into ‘buyers’ vs ‘non-buyers’. Once you’ve identified these two groups you will be able to market to them differently, with the goal of moving the non-buys to the buyers side.

Question #3: When it comes to email marketing how important is it to include mobile users and how can you prepare your campaign for mobile devices?

Answer: It is critical to have a mobile responsive website, landing page and emails, because of how so many people access their information. At the very least make sure the email text can be read mobily and that your landing page is mobile friendly too. It would be a shame to have someone click through only to get to a landing page that they can’t read (or order from) on their mobile device.

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