Episode 45 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q & A session. Paul gets Kevin and Jason’s take on some questions related to eCommerce.

Question #1: How can I prevent my customers from unsubscribing?

Answer: First off, a person unsubscribing from your emails may not be the worst thing for you. If someone is not engaged with your brand, they’re not going to be buying from you anyway, so there’s no point in them receiving your emails. Also, having too many people on your list can actually cost you money so unengaged customers unsubscribing is, in a way, helping to prune your email list.

You want your subscribers to be interested, so actually offering an option of unsubscribing avoids them sending your email to spam-allowing you to create a healthier list.

Some other tips:

  • Make sure the emails you send serve a purpose to the recipient. Don’t just send things for the sake of saying you sent an email.
  • Congruency between the subject line and email body is important. When people feel they have been ‘tricked’ into opening an email they are more likely to unsubscribe.

Question #2: Is it better to get into an industry or niche that is already established or one that is relatively new and doesn’t have much competition?

Answer: It is really hard to reinvent the wheel. Try to get a small piece of a big industry. This way you know that the audience is out there and there is potential for success. Creating a new market is a very long and expensive road that requires patience, time and money.

Question #3: What are the proper ways to evaluate the success of a campaign?

Answer: Success is not a straight line or answer. In email campaigns it’s important to assess open rates and click through rates. In a Facebook ads campaign things like click through rate, conversion rate and relevancy score are all important indicators. However, success in one area doesn’t mean success overall. For example, if you’re running a Facebook campaign and your ads are getting great click through rates and relevancy, but the bottom line is the product is not selling, it is your job to identify where the breakdown is and correct the disconnect so that all the moving parts can work together to create success.

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