In Episode 44 of eCommerce Uncensored Kevin and Jason chronicle the next steps as they go live with their new eCommerce store and begin an ad campaign. As previously discussed in Episode 40 and Episode 42 the guys are taking you through the step by step process of creating an eCommerce business as they do so themselves-selling camping supplies. Now that they have chosen a platform and found the right tools (check out the previous episodes for more info) the site, CampingLifeGear.com is launched and they are ready to start the ad campaign.

The guys decided the first camping item they are going to sell is a hanging tent light. Using some very basic Facebook ads directed at a targeted audience, the item is going to be offered in a “free plus shipping” model. This model is a great way to gauge the interest in the market and product before you invest a ton of money and time. Fact is, if you can’t give something away for free, you’re not going to be able to sell it at a higher price down the line, so this is a good campaign to run at the onset of a launch.

The guys really stress that you don’t need to have everything “perfect” before launching your landing page or ad campaign. There is no sense in investing the time and money creating a visually stunning ad or video if your item receives no interest. It’s okay to test the market with basic ads before really going after it. Another example the guys give is their drop shipping method not being ideal. Using AliExpress.com for drop shipping is awesome because they don’t need to pre-buy any inventory or worry about storage of merchandise. However, the way it is currently set up, a customer will not receive their item for 20-39 days. That’s obviously very problematic down the line, but for now, with a free plus shipping orders, it can work. Basically – just get going. There is no need to over-invest before you know if it’s going to succeed.

Going through the process they guys have noticed a few things…

  • There is a whole work around that needs to be done in order to create a “free plus shipping” offer using Shopify…

    How to Set-up a Free Plus Shipping Product in Shopify

  • Oberlo is an awesome app and major time saver. Mentioned in Episode 42 Oberlo allows you to select products directly from AliExpress and it imports the product images and descriptions directly to your eCommerce site.

So the site CampingLifeGear.com is up, Facebook ad is ready to go, and if the campaign takes off the next step will be to invest some more time and money in more interesting ads and videos to draw a greater audience.

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