Episode 43 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q & A session. Paul gets Kevin and Jason’s take on some questions related to eCommerce.

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Question #1: What is the difference between building a referral program and an affiliate program?

Answer: They really are pretty similar. A referral program typically offers someone an incentive for referring a friend. An affiliate program is more of an ongoing process when you are being paid to promote another business or product.

Whether it’s word of mouth or being advertised through another business, both are good ways to get new customers.

Question #2: Is using scarcity as an influence to get customers to buy online a successful method, and if so, what are some of the best ways to do so?

Answer: Yes it works-but it needs to feel real. Letting customers know there is limited quantity or an expiration date on a sale is a very effective way to create a sense of urgency to get that purchase.

It works well in email campaigns too. Adding a countdown timer in the email to show customers that time is running out and following up with an email chain can be really successful because it shows your customer the urgency is real.

Question #3: What are the most popular niches you guys see currently trending in eCommerce?

Answer: Building a brand is important right now. Fact is, it’s really hard to sell odds and ends when you’re competing against something like Amazon. But Amazon cannot compete with a brand concept that has a following of its own.

Another popular thing to do right now is find a product that is already selling well and drop ship it. All you need is a website and effective advertising. Paraphrasing Neil Patel, it’s easier to get a small chunk of a big market than get a big chunk of a small market. Getting a small piece of a huge pie is a very real way to make money.

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