In Episode 42 of eCommerce Uncensored, Jason and Kevin outline the next steps they are taking in starting a new eCommerce store. Taking the approach of a regular Joe trying to start an eCommerce business frugally, the guys are walking you through each step of the process. If you haven’t listened to EPISODE 40 and heard all the tips and tools the guys had for preliminary product research-you should definitely check that out.

Drum roll please…For the new eCommerce store, Kevin and Jason have decided to sell camping supplies. Both guys have an interest in, and basic knowledge of camping, so they already are educated in the products. There are also so many different knickknacks one can buy for camping, this concept is a scale able one.

Here are some of the early decisions and tools the guys have chosen to use…

SHIPPING METHOD: DROP SHIPPING through AliExpress.com. With drop shipping the inventory doesn’t need to be pre-purchased or stored. As orders come in, aliexpress.com fulfills them.

PLATFORM: SHOPIFY. Shopify provides the most options for an automated store that can be linked to a fulfillment center (aliexpress.com).

EMAIL PLATFORM: MAILCHIMP. It’s free and integrates with everything easily.

‘MIDDLEMAN’ TOOL: OBERLO. This tool is a Shopify plug-in and is what connects aliexpress.com to your shopify site. Using this tool you…go to aliexpress.com. Import your products from their site through Oberlo and the products load right into your Shopify site (pictures, descriptions and all). While this plug-in is technically “free” you’re going to want to pay and upgrade to the ‘advanced’ version which is where you’ll get tools to track your orders and other important abilities that you’ll want.

THEME: SHOPIFY BOOSTER. This is a paid theme, but it gives you tons of gadgets like pop-ups and countdown clocks that will help when creating an impactful landing pages (more to come on that later, but check out EPISODE 36 for more on landing pages).

TOOL: ECOMHUNT.COM. This tool is helpful for finding other sites selling your products to check up on how they are selling, comments, reviews, Facebook ads, target audiences and more.

Hopefully as you start the process of building your eCommerce business you will also find value in these tools and tips.

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