In Episode 41 of eCommerce Uncensored Paul asks Kevin and Jason for their views on three eCommerce related questions.

Questions #1: When introducing a new product or eCommerce business, what are the best ways to test the market?

Answer: In the beginning, people shy away from buying ads, but in Jason’s opinion, start by running some cheap ads on Facebook. You’ll definitely get an idea of what works or what there’s an interest for, by seeing the reaction to those ads.

Run a promotion. If you can’t get people to take your product for free (in a free plus shipping offer, for example), then you’re really going to struggle when you want people to actually pay for it down the line. If people take your offer, it’s a good way to get a guage on the market.

Try to sell your product on Amazon. This may not be as effective as it used to be due to the amount of Amazon vendor traffic, but if you see people are buying your product in that existing marketplace, that’s a great way to validate your business.

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Question #2: For new businesses, is it better to practice standard inventory and shipping methods, or use drop shipping?

Answer: For us, we want a more automated process and don’t want to get stuck holding inventory, so drop shipping works. However, if you have a very niche product that you have developed over time, that’s something you’ll want to hold an inventory of.

Think about what the goal is for your eCommerce store. If this product is your passion and life’s work, a standard inventory-shipping system is fine. If this store is a side business, you may want to consider drop shipping.

Question #3: What exactly is user generated content and can it be used for eCommerce marketing?

Answer: Users coming to your site and adding content based on their experiences with your product is a critical tool for eCommerce marketing. Most commonly you’ll see reviews or testimonials. Videos of customers using or interacting with your product are great too.

It often takes an outside source to push a customer in your direction. When the customer hears positive feedback from a friend or sees it on social media, this ‘word of mouth’ becomes very powerful. Obviously you think your product is the best, so for an actual customer to vouch for the product is a great tool. User generated is also a time saver for you, because you’re not creating the copy.

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