There are some steps to follow if you’re looking to open a new eCommerce store, or even improve the sales of an existing one. In Episode 40 of eCommerce Uncensored Kevin and Jason give you some tips and tools to help you in this process.

Tip #1: Make sure people want your product. You don’t need a warehouse of stocked inventory to start, but you do need evidence of a viable market.

Tip #2: Find a product people already want-don’t reinvent the wheel. Also, decide if you’d like to have a ‘general store’ that sells trending products or a ‘niche store’ of something of interest to you.

Tool #1: Amazon Movers & Shakers- this section of Amazon shows you which products are trending and can be narrowed down by category.

Tool #2: Google Trends-this tool tells you just that, the searches trending. It’s a good way to cross check the data you find on Amazon.

Tool #3: Google Keyword Planner-this is another place to find search patterns.

Tool #4: TeraPeak-this tool shows you the products selling on eBay.

Tool #5: Long Tail Pro-this tool comes with a lot of information. It can tell you: the competitiveness of keywords, how strong top ranking domains for that word are, gives you success rates, among other data. All of this information gives you an idea of which keywords you’ll want to use for your product. It will also give you data on variations of your keyword.

The research stage should be the longest part of your process. Set yourself up for success, so you don’t get stuck with a bunch of product that no one wants.

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