Episode 39 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q & A session. Paul gets Kevin and Jason’s take on some questions related to eCommerce.

Question #1: Why is a built email list better than a purchased email list?

Answer: While a purchased email list seems like a quick and easy solution it’s really not your best option. You are unlikely to get a high a volume of engaged customers through a bulk list; you’re stabbing in the dark. There is also no way to verify the health of the list; the list can be full of invalid, old or spam email accounts. A bought list can actually end up being a waste of money.

A list built organically is definitely the preferred option. It can be done affordably and is made up of a responsive audience. If you’re already paying for advertising to grow your brand and list, you are getting emails of people who are already engaged with your product-putting you a step ahead.

Question #2: When running Facebook ads, is it better to spend $25/day for 5 days OR $125 for 1 day?

Answer: Typically, the longer you run a campaign the more your Pixel can be seasoned and the more time Facebook has to learn about your target customer. Also, Facebook is going to try and spend your money, so your $125 may be spent in bulk fashion in order to reach the masses. When you spread your money out over five days Facebook gets the chance to learn, become smarter and deliver that ad to a more specific audience.

Questions #3: With all the advancements in technology and social media, where do you see the future of digital marketing?

Answer: No doubt that digital marketing is going to get smarter as it expands among more and more platforms.

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