Episode 37 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q&A session where once again Paul tries to stump Jason & Kevin with some surprise eCommerce questions.

Question #1: Can webinars be useful for e-commerce business and what strategies can be used to get people to register?

Answer: A webinar can work for any product. The webinar itself doesn’t have to be directly about the product either – it could be about a problem that people are having that your product can fix. You can use the webinar to teach people about a subject and your product can be the supplement to whatever it is you’re teaching. A webinar is also a great way to get the customer to know and trust your product it’s a great way to educate them and give them value before you try to sell.

Question #2: Is there value in offering free plus shipping deals and how can you maximize their effectiveness?

Answer: We use free plus shipping deals all the time and we maximize them by using upsells.

Some tips:

• Pick a shipping cost that gets close to the hard cost of your product so that your cost of customer acquisition isn’t too high.
• Offer an upsell at a discount because that is where you’ll start to make money.
• It’s important that you have the right type of product for a free plus shipping deal. The hard cost of your product needs to be $5 or under but the perceived value should be about $20. These products work the best in terms of customer acquisition cost and profit.

Question #3: If I am currently selling on Amazon, what initial steps do I need to take to transition to my own website and my own website traffic?

Answer: The first thing you need to do is understand the difference between the two. On Amazon you’re not looking for customers they are already there because it is a marketplace. That’s why you pay such a high percentage to Amazon for your sales. With your own website you are responsible for getting your own traffic and customers, but the margins are so much higher.

When starting off on your own website you may want to continue to sell on Amazon because those Amazon reviews and customer testimonials are social proof for the new customers that come to your website. Also, when new customer sees the Amazon logo it proves that they can trust you because you’re reputable with a site that they already know. So Amazon and your new site can actually work together as you transition.

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