On Episode 36 of eCommerceUncensored Kevin and Jason give you the scoop on how landing pages can increase your conversions and revenue.

Unlike a product page or homepage, a landing page has one specific purpose and keeps the customer focused on the offer or product they came to see.

A product page or home pages has lots of elements, like header, menu, or even other products you’re selling. These elements can become a distraction from the action you want the customer to take. A landing page is tailored to the specific offer and experience you want to create.

Another perk of using a landing page is that it gives you the ability to split test text, body copy and product price that you couldn’t otherwise try on your website or product page. It lets you try different things to see what works.

Our favorite plug-ins for split testing landing pages are:

ClickFunnels (great drag & drop functionality and premise templates) Free 14 day trial
Zipify (Shopify specific)

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