In Episode 35 of eCommerce Uncensored Paul gets Kevin and Jason’s thoughts on three eCommerce related questions in another Q & A session.

Question #1: What kinds of things can be done to obtain the trust of a customer?

Answer: Before a customer takes their credit card out, you definitely need to earn their trust. Some strategies to do this are:

– Testimonials, reviews, and Facebook comments from other happy customers. Social proof and word of mouth goes a long way.

– Offer them information to show that you know what you’re talking about. Make yourself the expert.

– Personalize yourself. Give your brand a face and a name. Videos are a great way to do this.

Questions #2: What are 3 main types of content and how do you market them differently?

Answer: Three great types of content to offer are…

– Blogs – This is an easy and inexpensive way to start growing a following for your brand or product. Make the content valuable to your reader so they want to see more.

– Video

– Podcast

Whichever you choose, its a good idea to repurpose your content and spread it out amongst the different platforms. Kind of like this podcast…the podcast is audio, we have a YouTube channel with this video and also podcast notes on our website. Same content, in three different ways.

Question #3: What are some challenges with copywriting, within marketing?

Answer: The right copy is so important! You need to know how to talk to people. Some things to try are:

– Appeal to the customer’s pain point

– Stay in touch with the sales people. They are dealing with customers directly on a regular basis. They hear concerns and have a lot of insight on how to best talk to the customer.

– Don’t be afraid to change it up and make adjustments. Play with different wording and headlines until you find what works.

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