In Episode 34 of eCommerce Uncensored Kevin and Jason give you some tips on how to stay connected with the customers you’ve already acquired.

Gaining new customers is important and exciting, but selling to the customers who have previously made purchases is inexpensive and overlooked. First off, you’ve already put the time and money into that customer acquisition cost, so it makes sense to target them again. Also, you’ve already gained their trust and built a relationship, so another sale should be much easier.

Besides upselling your customer immediately after the initial sale, here are some other strategies to try with your existing customers…

1. Email follow-up: of course you’ll send a “Welcome” or “Thank You” email, but you should send them emails related to the product they purchased. Send them some tips for using the product, articles, or even other products to compliment their purchase.

2. Pack a note in the shipping box: you’re already paying for the shipping of the product, so throw a little card in there with a coupon or additional info.

3. Mail postcards: This goes back to Multi-Touch Point marketing (see Episode 31). Just because you’re an online business doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use print to reach out to your customers.

4. Have them work for you: give your current customers an incentive to refer a friend or even leave a review. Word of mouth goes a long way.

Reaching out to those existing customers and reminding them about your product can have an enormous impact on your revenue.

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