Episode 33 of eCommerce Uncensored is a Q&A session. Jason and Kevin are joined by Paul who asks the guys their thoughts on some questions he found on Quora.com.

Question #1: What should be included in a welcome email and why do eCommerce businesses need to send one?

Answer: This answer goes back to Ryan Deiss’ concept of indoctrination-you need to teach people who you are, what you do and what you stand for. The welcome email should tell them why following you is useful to them and what they will gain by being a subscriber. Get them acclimated with you and your brand so that if they aren’t buying yet, you make them comfortable enough to buy down the line.

Question #2: How do you increase the open rates of emails?

Answer: Typically what you put as your subject should evoke one of three reactions: curiosity, fear of loss, or gain. Evoking someone’s curiosity is a great way to get tons of people to open your email and see your brand, but wont necessarily give you a great click-through rate to get them on your site. You’re going to need to consider the intention of the click when wording the subject. Keep in mind: you don’t want someone to make the decision of whether or not to read your email based on the subject line-your subject should make them feel like they have to read the email.

Question #3: How much do psychological factors affect marketing and what are some successful tactics you should use?

Answer: It all comes back to the psychology of the consumer and really trying to get in their head.

Some tactics to consider are:

-Consider your platform: People go to Amazon to buy stuff, not so much on Facebook. So on this platform your ad needs to be eye-catching enough to get them to “stop scrolling”.

-Consider whom you are marketing to: this one goes without saying, but how you are selling to a woman is very different than a man. You have to know your audience.

– Taking a tip from Russell Brunson: show your audience how your brand can solve a problem they have.

The guys are excited to do some more of these off the cuff Q & A sessions. Hopefully they’ll get to the bottom of the baby wolf question.

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