In Episode 32 of eCommerce Uncensored Kevin and Jason list off their 5 favorite eCommerce tools. (Side note: eCommerce Uncensored doesn’t get any kickbacks for mentioning these tools-they are just really awesome and useful).


Active Campaign is an intelligent email tool. It offers many cool features but is also more affordable than many of the other big names out there (like Clavio, for example), making it a great starting point for a new business. Active Campaign integrates with your website to automatically create email lists from people who opt in. It then allows you to segment your email lists based on whatever parameters you set (ex: gender, age, region) so that the emails you send out are relevant. One of the coolest features is the tracking script it offers. Meaning, if a person clicks on a link in the email you sent, you can track what they do once they get to your site – allowing you segment them even more. Doing this optimizes your marketing funnel and brings you more sales-which is the point isn’t it?


This tool creates an actual video of what visitors to your site are doing. You can see where they click, scroll, stop to read, etc. You can even tell what type of device they are accessing your site on. This tool is especially useful when starting a brand new campaign because you can actually SEE what is grabbing the audience’s attention, where they are interacting with your site and what’s working.


This is a customizable email grabber for your site. Essentially someone comes to your site and they get opt-in messages when they have reached the parameters you set. You can customize when, where, and how the audience gets the opt in message based on what they are doing on your site. Other similar tools are Mail Munch and Opt In Monk.


This is a really awesome tool when you are starting out and trying to pinpoint your audience. This tool allows you to create an ad campaign with many variations (in wording, image, etc) to help you figure out what works and for whom. Another great feature is that it auto-optimizes, so if an ad is working well, it will automatically add money to that ad and cut money from other ads that aren’t getting clicks.


This is a Shopify specific tool and it’s awesome. The OneClickUpsell app is a tool that gives you the power to add an upsell without the risk of losing the original sale. Once your customer has completed the purchase but before they leave, they get a page with an upsell or offer that only requires one click to take advantage of. You figure the hard part of getting them to commit and purchase is already done, so now they are way more willing to buy again. The one-click upsell AFTER the purchase is really important for two reasons…#1 Coming post sale, you are not risking scaring off the initial purchase by offering an upsell too early. #2 It is one-click. No extra forms to fill out or info to add-it is just tacked on to what they have already bought.

Hopefully you find these 5 tools useful and relevant for your eCommerce business. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below or reviewing us on iTunes.

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