In Episode 31 of eCommerce Uncensored Jason and Kevin talk about the use of a “Multi-Touch Point” Strategy to interact with your audience and create sales.

By ‘multi-touch’ the guys mean that you need to get your brand in front of your potential customers several times, on various platforms, in order to get them to take action.

Most people aren’t going to see a new brand or product that they’ve never heard of and buy it right away-especially in certain niches or price points. In most cases you need to take some time to get your audience comfortable enough with your brand to actually spend the money. This is where the multi-touch approach comes in.

A way to implement this is to:

#1 Use a video to introduce your product or brand. Use any and all platforms that are appropriate for your niche, but a video is a really great way to give your product life and familiarity.

#2 Run another post, ad, blog or anything eye-catching that retargets the people who watched your video. This time try to capture an email address.

#3 Send emails. Once you have that email, the ball is in your court. Check out Episode 23 to learn about how to retarget using email.

You really need to know how to use Facebook Pixel to get this done right. Pixel allows you to track your audience, see how they are interacting with your posts and pretty much follow them around so you can reach them more often. If you are not a Facebook Pixel expert yet definitely check out our Facebook Pixel online course.

Get used to the idea that it may take a few “touches” before that audience becomes a paying customer. Take your audience on a journey of mini-commitments first…have them watch a video, click on a blog, give you an email address, and ultimately they will make that purchase.

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