In Episode 30 of eCommerce Uncensored the guys give you 5 keys to running successful Facebook ads so you can increase your revenue and stop wasting money.

#1 Every niche is different, so test your strategy
What works for one product may not work for another. You need to consider what your selling, who you are selling to and adjust your approach accordingly.

#2 Don’t push a strategy that isn’t working
When you post a new ad, you will know within the first 24-48 if it’s working. If you’re not getting clicks, STOP and try something different. Don’t try to force something that is obviously not appealing to your audience.

#3 Have realistic expectations
This has to do with both money and metrics. First, those clicks are going to cost you money. Customer acquisition should be part of your budget.

      Some metrics to keep in mind:

·      Click Through Rate (CTR) should be at least 1%

·      Cost Per Click (CPC) should be under $1.00 depending on your ad objective.

·      Relevance score should be between 7-10.

#4 Know the objective for your ad

       Are you looking for:

·      Clicks – to drive traffic to your site or landing page.

·      Video Views  -to get as many people as possible to watch your video.

·      Conversions – to get people to complete a task such as sign up for email list or purchase a product.

If you’re new, your objective will be clicks or video views to get people interacting with your brand before running a conversion ad. This is an instance where the Facebook Pixel is important. Running broader ads will help teach the Facebook Pixel who your target audience is. Knowing how to use pixel is a must.

#5 Start with a broad target audience.
Rather than being very specific at first, start with a wider demographic and let the audience’s reaction/interaction with your ad narrow your target.

As important as all the tips are, you HAVE to be knowledgeable in Facebook Pixel to get any Facebook ad to do its job. You could be wasting time and money not using Pixel effectively.  To learn more about Pixel and how to use it to make $$ click here to take our online course all about it.

As always please reach out with any questions you have about your eCommerce needs.


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