In episode 29 of eCommerce Uncensored the guys talk about patience. Time and patience.

There is no magic wand. Hiring a marketing firm or launching your website will not make you a millionaire overnight. Things take time-especially for a start up or new product.

What we do for our clients is set up the system and put strategies in place that will overtime convert into profit. You need time to gather your email list, set up sales funnels, create a campaign, get an audience for your adds, gather user reviews, create proof of concept, etc. Each step needs to be refined and perfected. These things don’t just happen on their own. It’s a process. It takes time and patience. Stick with it.

Before setting off on your eCommerce journey you need to set realistic expectations for time frame, sales and budget. Whether you are hiring a firm like us or doing it in your own, you’re going to need a realistic budget to see out your vision, otherwise it’s all for not. (If you are hiring a firm, please make sure they are reputable and know what they are doing).

We know launching a new product is very exciting and you want to go-go-go to get it sold but remember…have patience, the process takes time.

In other news…

With the amazing feedback and inquiries we’ve gotten from the eCommerce Uncensored podcast we have launched our new website, eCommerceUncensored.com. Rather than sending you guys through our other business page, fastforwardinc.com we have created a site dedicated to all things eCommerce. There you will find all our podcasts, plus info on how to get in touch with us and services we offer. So check it out…eCommerceUncensored.com.

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