Episode 23 of eCommerce Uncensored is the start of a miniseries detailing 5 techniques that can grow your eCommerce sales by 50%. In this first installment, Kevin and Jason of Fast Forward Unlimited talk about why capturing emails from your site visitors is such a great tool for growing revenue.

Tip #1: Email Capture

Your site already has visitors. Some of them go through with a purchase. Others browse and then disappear forever…so many potential sales lost! But if you can capture just some of those visitors’ emails, you can check in with those customers later and drive them back to your site to close the deal.

The guys talk about how a pop-up window on your site is a great way to capture those emails. A pop-up doesn’t have to be annoying and isn’t going to turn most people off. In fact, if your pop-up is done right, it should offer value to the customer with a discount code or sneak peak at future deals. Use the pop-up to motivate your visitor to complete the purchase.

Why an email capture through your site is awesome:

  • Its free! These people are already visiting your site, so you’re not spending money on additional ads to find your target.
  • It gives you the power! Once you have that email address, you are in control of the communication with that customer. You control what they read, when, how often…the ball is in your court (so use it wisely).

The guys will share Technique #2 to growing your eCommerce revenue in their next podcast. If you can’t wait that long, click here to download a copy of our FREE eBook, “5 Proven eCommerce Techniques to Instantly Grow Sales by Up to 50%”.

If you have any questions about this podcast or any other eCommerce topics we’d love to help you out you can email Kevin at kevin@fastforwardinc.com, Jason at jason@fastforwardinc.com or schedule a free call with us here: Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call

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