In Episode 22 of eCommerce Uncensored, Jason and Kevin of Fast Forward Unlimited go into Jason’s past venture of using a baking blog to sell $80,000 in physical products. With all of the eCommerce information and tips that the guys have shared in previous podcasts it’s really interesting to hear about how Jason’s real-life experience with these strategies was so successful and profitable.

In this podcast Jason not only tells his story, but also has tons of advice on ways to combine a blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Shopify and emails to create an audience willing to pay for your product. For example, the baking videos on YouTube never actually gave out the recipe. Instead, viewers would have to visit the blog to get the details. This was instantly driving tons of interested customers to the site, where he could then sell his goods. The videos were always promoting the products, the blog would promote the videos, Facebook and emails would do the same and in essence there was a ‘cross pollination’ amongst all the different media forms.

Some other tips Jason had were:

  • Be sure to always give the viewer value-teach them something they’re interested in
  • A pop up window on the site inviting readers to join a “secret club” for even more tips was a really successful way to build an extensive email list
  • Having an email schedule made managing the email list easier and didn’t overwhelm his customers
  • Don’t constantly try to sell-build your audience and people will want to buy
  • Do something that you know people already want and already spend money on. Don’t be afraid if someone is already in the field, it just means the audience is waiting for you to come up with something even more exciting.

If you want to learn more about how you can do this for your own business, you can email jason at jason@fastforwardinc.com or schedule a free call with him here: Schedule a Free 30 Minute Call

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