In Episode 21 of eCommerce Uncensored, Jason and Kevin of Fast Forward Unlimited walk you through the specific steps of creating a funnel for your eCommerce business. The guys use the example of a clothing business to give you actionable tips, but these steps can be applied to any eCommerce site looking to increase sales.

#1 Create an engaging piece of content that will draw attention to your brand.

Whatever content you choose, blog, video, podcast, etc., provide your audience with something so intriguing and useful, they want to know more about it. Remember you’re not explicitly selling here, but creating a familiarity with your customer. You can learn a lot about how to create and optimize a blog post by listening to Episode 18 & Episode 19 of Ecommerce Uncensored. Episode 17 will help you create a great video.

#2 Create a Facebook ad to drive traffic to your blog.

You have this awesome content (remember Step 1), now you need people to see it. Target your specific customers in Facebook with an ad that will draw them check out it out. Remember-the purpose of this ad is to expose the reader to your brand, not sell, sell, sell. Episode 20 gives you all you need to know on how to create an effective Facebook ad to drive traffic to your blog.

#3 Create a retargeting ad.

This second line of advertisement will be visible to those people who already clicked on your first ad, so this audience has already shown interest in your brand. You are pretty much targeting a subset of your first customized audience. To do this you need to know a little about how to use Facebook Pixel, which you can learn more about in Episode 14 & Episode 11. This is where you sell your product. Offer these potential customers a coupon or special offer to drive them to the cart checkout.

#4 Upsell

Offer them something to enhance the purchase already being made. Check out Episode 6 for more on upselling.

#5 Create an Abandoned Cart Funnel

Get them back to complete their order! Learn some more about these funnels in Episode10.

Once you see your funnel working it becomes a matter of drawing more traffic to the original piece of content (remember Step #1?) with advertisements on other platforms like Pinterest and Google. You’re not creating anything new but the funnel is doing the work for you. An endless cycle, or funnel, of revenue.

If you have any questions about this podcast or any other topics covered, we can always be reached at kevin@fastforwardinc.com or jason@fastforwardinc.com. We’d love to chat with you and help you out in any way we can.

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