In episode 17 of eCommerce Uncensored, Dan, Jason and Paul of Fast Forward Unlimited, talk about why videos are such a useful way to market your eCommerce business. The guys also give you some points to keep in mind when putting your video together.

A video is a great way to bring awareness to your product. If done right, it can also clearly communicate what you’re selling more than a written description. Use the video to teach the viewer something new and engage them in your brand. Once you have their attention, it’ll be an easier sell.

Some suggestions the guys have:

  • Keep the initial videos short and sweet: A new viewer isn’t tuning in for a feature length film. Sixty seconds should be enough to get their attention.
  • Know where your audience is: YouTube is awesome-but is that where your customer is going to be? Or would Amazon, an email blast, or even your own website be a better method of promoting and sharing your video?
  • Have fun with it: It doesn’t always have to be a major production! See something cool? Have a thought to share? Take out your iPhone and shoot away. An entertaining clip is always a great way to generate social media content and let your viewer get to know you.
  • Know when to use a professional: When it’s your product in the spotlight, it needs to be perfect. Quirky videos are amusing, but when you want someone to make that purchase make sure your video is shot and produced by an expert.

Be creative, have fun, and share it all on social media. Who knows, maybe you’ll be next to go viral.

If you have any questions about this podcast or how to grow your business in any way, we can always be reached at kevin@fastforwardinc.com or jason@fastforwardinc.com. We’d love to chat with you and help you out in any way we can.

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