In episode 11 of eCommerce Uncensored, Kevin and Jason of Fast Forward Unlimited talk about how useful it is to pixel your audience on Facebook. A pixel is pretty much a coded way to “tag” someone who has shown some form of interest in your brand. Once this person is “tagged” there are steps you can take to convert that warm traffic into an actual customer.

Fact is, it is very difficult to sell directly on Facebook. People are on Facebook to socialize, not necessarily buy products. On a platform like Facebook it is especially challenging to convert cold traffic, someone who has never heard of you or your brand, into a customer, so you’re going to need to use different tools and techniques to sell your brand.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is offer your audience value. Whether it’s a blog article, video, podcast, etc, you need to draw them in with something useful that they’ll want to click on. Episodes 15, 17, 18, and 19 all discuss how to create eye catching content to make people stop scrolling and click on your link. As soon as you get that click, bringing the viewer to your landing page or website, Facebook will be able to tag them as someone interested in you and your brand. To the viewer this click is a commitment free way to get some valuable info because you don’t even need to ask for an email address or sign up. So even if they don’t buy anything or provide you with ANY additional info, you can still retarget them later because Facebook Pixel has tagged them.

Tagging and tracking the moves of your potential customers is critical to determine how to spend your marketing budget and increasing revenue.

If you have any questions about how Facebook Pixel can help your eCommerce business or are looking for some info on any of the topics covered in eCommerce Uncensored, we’d love to help you out.

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