In episode eight “what are e-commerce funnels and where you should use them” we had a general conversation about funnels and it became one of our top downloaded podcasts so we decided to go a little bit deeper and outline a specific funnel for you.

Cart Abandonment Funnels

Cart abandonment rates are so high in a lot of cases and people don’t know they can capture that data when someone abandons their cart. That’s a huge opportunity because if 70% of the people that come to your cart leave, that’s a lot of people you can market to. The problem is your software can only catch their data if get to the point where they have filled out their name, address and email address. Once they do that most e-commerce platforms can capture that information and put them in your email software platform at which point you can then market to them.

First Time Customers

You can run certain funnels for first time customers or everybody. We recommend you do it for first time customers. The danger in running some funnels to repeat customers is that they will learn the funnel is there and take advantage of you by leaving and being put into the funnel. Getting someone to take out their credit card and pay you is the biggest hurdle. You have to do everything in your power to get someone to be a customer. It doesn’t matter if you don’t make any money on the first sale; the key is that you have to get them to trust you. That is what this funnel is going to do.

Someone puts a product in your cart and puts in their name, address and email. Whether they click submit or leave your software should then bring them into your email platform. Then you should have a sequence, a funnel that tries to turn them from a browser into a customer.


  • Your first email is just a reminder that says “did you forget this?” It has the product linked back to the cart in the email. 10-20% of people that that first offer. You can send this twenty minutes to an hour later but don’t do it right away because people get nervous that you’re watching them.
  • If they don’t buy send a second email offering 10% off. Wait a day to send this. You don’t want to annoy people so they start ignoring your emails when they see them.
  • If they still don’t buy wait another day and offer 20% off.
  • Continue the sequence as long as you like. 40%, 60%, 80% and finally free (they just have to pay for shipping). The goal is just to get them to buy.

Tracking behavior

Depending on what email software you’re using you can put a little script on your website to track clicks to certain pages. They click the link in the email, went to the cart but didn’t go to the thank you page. If they go to the thank you page the sequence stops. If they don’t it continues on.


If you don’t have any upsells in place and you’re just trying to get them to buy just to buy this probably isn’t the best idea. You have to have a strong upsell for this to be profitable.

Be Honest

Don’t send an email saying “ this is your last chance” and then send another email You can say this is the lowest I can go, free except for shipping and it’s going to expire in X amount of days.

Tweak It

You’re going to have to tweak and test each of these steps. Most email software will have an AB split testing software built in where you can test different verbiage or messages. You’re definitely going to want to do that to get this thing working at optimum capacity so to speak.

We’re going to make a diagram of this funnel and put it up on our show notes so you can go there and see exactly how Jason laid this out for you and follow it that way.

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