Welcome to Episode 1 of the eCommerce Uncensored podcast. In this intro episode, meet the talented team at Fast Forward Unlimited, and find out how Dan, Kevin, Paul and Jason constantly evolve the business to stay ahead of the ever changing demands in the industry. The guys talk about how they combine backgrounds in graphic design, photography, WordPress, music, marketing, fine art, among many others to form the collaborative, out of the box group they have today.

Dan Muro

Dan started the business in 1983 when he started taking pictures after his music career. He played music for a number of years and had a lot of success, and then he started a commercial advertising photography business in Manhattan. That morphed into a need for graphic design. He moved his business from Manhattan to New Jersey in 1996 and branched off into doing a lot of graphic design work, brochures, ad design and photography for the design of those ads. Then the internet started to explode and they started designing websites. The business grew and they started doing catalog work and bigger internet sites. The demand for their services grew which made them realize that internet marketing was as important or more important a part of the business paradigm.

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Kevin Monell

Kevin grew up on a farm in New Jersey and played a lot of baseball growing up. He had no idea what he wanted to do because it was all about baseball. He graduated in 2002 and went on the job search and had no idea what he was getting into. He met Dan through one of his father’s friends and he had this little portfolio and a resume that didn’t have much on it. But Dan hired him because he knew the programs and he started the next day. Kevin is the creative director and manages the jobs that come in and out of there.

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Paul Chew

Like Kevin, Paul started in a casual way. He met Dan through his mother. He was still in school and worked there a couple days a week getting credits for an internship. He slowly started doing more and more because they have always done a little bit of everything there. Paul’s background and strong suit is graphic design.

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Jason Caruso

Ten years ago Jason started a business and wanted to market it online. He had $3,000 to market and expected to get around $30,000 worth of business from that. He spent $3,000 in one day and didn’t get a single call. He was upset but intrigued and wanted to know why he didn’t make any money. He closed his business and for two years straight from 6:00am until 12:00am he sat at the computer teaching himself, trying things, spending money, failing and failing but getting a couple wins in the process and latching onto those. Since then he’s gone on to work on multimillion dollar eCommerce websites.

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What we have here is an extremely cohesive, catalyst type group of personalities made up of an awesome designer, professional photographer, WordPress whiz and problem solver. We don’t ever fight about anything; we just light each other up and get it done.

Thank you for listening to the first installment of our podcast. Make sure you tune in next time.

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AUTHOR: Kevin Monell

<p>I am a creative artists and multi-media developer. My specialties include a broad range of graphic and web design. I am currently the creative director and administrator at Fast Forward Unlimited.</p>

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