our story

At Fast Forward, we provide cohesive results with our variety of talents and knowledge of digital marketing. Despite each of us having our own areas of expertise, the real magic lies in our unrestricted collaboration. Our skills and experience enable us to produce innovative solutions that are unique to your specific needs, we look forward to working with you and your business! We also record a podcast called eCommerce Uncensored, check out our latest episodes for some insight as well as to learn a bit more about us!

Creating is our passion

We approach each day in the studio as a new learning experience. The world is an incredible place and we indulge in everything life has to offer. Taking a little piece of everything that we all have experienced, we hope to create endlessly and leave our own mark on this world. We love what we do, therefore none of us work a day in our life.

Good designs means good business

The climb to the top isn’t easy in small business. We understand this because we are also a small business agency that is always striving to grow – just like you. Communicating well visually is crucial for your business, and it’s what we do. Your success, means our success.

Personal goals -- both yours and ours

We thrive on challenging ourselves with your projects and constantly push our design and marketing skills to new heights. The goals we set forth are entirely structured around your business’ specific needs. Your company’s projects motivate us to surpass even our own expectations.

Meet The Team

We are a collection of passionate individuals dedicated to providing the necessary tools for building and growing your brand. 

Kevin Monell

Co-Owner + CEO, Host of "Ecommerce Uncensored" Podcast

Jason Caruso

Co-Owner + CMO, Host of "Ecommerce Uncensored" Podcast

Daniel Muro


Paul Chew

Senior Graphic Designer

Brianna Corlette

Project Manager

Albert Khodzhayev

Multimedia Coordinator

Tiamera Ellen

Graphic Designer

Megan Canzonieri

Graphic Designer

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